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Mac Bulk SMS Software for GSM Mobile

Mac Bulk SMS Software for GSM Mobile
Stay in touch with your friends, relatives, clients, employees and other people by sending group text messages using Mac bulk SMS software!

Mac Bulk SMS Software is developed for Apple Mac OS X users who want to broadcast group text messages instantly. Text messaging program easily sends unlimited text messages from Mac Intel or PowerPC based Computers using GSM technology based mobile phones. SMS sending program delivers multiple text messages to your customers, staff members and global mobile audiences without required internet connection. Mac bulk SMS sender program swiftly delivers personalized SMS, greetings, share market updates, news alerts, business campaigns and other text SMS from your Mac machine to group of phone numbers using GSM mobiles.

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Software Features:-

  • Send unlimited text SMS instantly : Mac text messaging program quickly sends group text messages to individual or a list of contact numbers.
  • Sends text messages in different languages : SMS sender program supports Unicode characters to deliver group text SMS in different languages over global mobile network.
  • Provides option to send notifications and standard SMS : SMS broadcasting program allows you to send notifications and standard messages over worldwide location.
  • Saves sent text messages details : Mac bulk SMS sender program saves your sent text sms to templates for future references.
  • No internet connection is required to send group SMS : Bulk SMS Software for GSM mobile phones quickly sends unlimited text messages over national/international mobile networks without internet connection.
  • Inbuilt Delay Delivery Option : Mac bulk SMS program provides delay delivery option to control or customized load of bulk SMS over worldwide.
  • Allows you to skip duplicate numbers entries : Text messaging program provides facility to skip duplicate contact numbers entries during bulk SMS sending process.
  • Exclusion List Wizard option : Mac bulk SMS sending program for GSM mobile phones is developed with exclusion list wizard feature to maintain list of contact numbers during SMS broadcasting.

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